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Ann-Marie Ashton Senior Info. Specialist (Bioscience), Global Info. Science and Libraries; AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal, Sweden Member, Swedish Online User Group Ian Dix Global Capability Lead for Knowledge Engineering and Text Mining, Astrazeneca, UK Dr. Elena Guardiola Pereira Documentation Service. Medical Information Unit, Medical Department. Química Farmacéutica Bayer, S. L. , Spain Member, EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries) Member, SEDIC (Spanish Association of Information and Documentation) Member, COBDC (Catalan College of Librarians and Documentalists) Member, AMIFE (Medical Association of the Spanish Pharmaceutical Industry)  Dr. Claudia Körner Head of Information Management, Schering AG, Germany Member of P-D-R (Pharma Documentation Ring) Member DGI (German Information Association)   Helen Malone  Content Portfolio Manager, R&D Information Management GlaxoSmithKline, UK Member of IMPI (Information Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry) in the UK Member of P-D-R (Pharma Documentation Ring)   Mrs. Giovanna Miranda  Manager, Scientific Information & Library Services and Archives, Sanofi-Aventis, Research Centre, Italy President, GIDIF-RBM (Italian Assoc. Information Professionals working in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Inst. of Biomedical Research) Member of the EAHIL (European Assoc. for Health Information and Libraries) Co-Editor of the Journal of the EAHIL Co-Chair of the PHING (Pharmaceutical Information Group) of the EAHIL Member of AIB and AIDA (Italian Libraries Assoc. & Assoc. for Adv. Doc.) Alexander (Sandy) Mullen Independent Consultant Secretary General of the PDG (Patent Documentation Group) Member of various Editorial Advisory Boards of Pharmaceutical/Patent Journals Scientific Advisor for EC Framework Programs for Research and Technological Development   Former Research Fellow, Bayer HealthCare AG Past-Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of DIMDI (German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information), Cologne Past-President of the P-D-R (Pharma Documentation Ring) Past-Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of FIZ Karlsruhe Alan Newton Research Informatics Site Head, Pfizer Global Research & Development, UK  
Pharma-Bio-Med is steered by an international Board of Counselors and has comprised of eminent  Information Professionals representing the different industry associations that are well known for their  active participation in matters of importance to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedical,  medical and health sciences industries.  The guidance of the Board and, through them, the feedback  and requests from their association colleagues, are invaluable in maintaining the high quality and  direct relevance of the program, conference structure and overall conference activities.  This Board is assisted by the conference organisational team.
Henning P. Nielsen  Manager, Library & Information Ctr., Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark President, P-D-R (Pharma Documentation Ring) Member, SLA (Special Libraries Assoc.) Member, EAHIL (European Assoc. for Health Information and Libraries) Member, EUSIDIC (The European Assoc. of Information Services)   Ingrid I. Riphagen  Medical Information Specialist, Vrije University, Library VUmc, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Coordinator, Dutch Biomedical Information Group Dr. Ian Sinclair  Independent Consultant Former Head of Information Management, Pfizer Global R&D, UK Member of IMPI (Information Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry) Former Vice-president of the P-D-R (Pharma Documentation Ring) Member of the International Board of Counselors for IPI ConfEx  Matthias Staab  Manager, Published Information Access (global responsibility), Sanofi-Aventis, Germany Member of the DGI (German Society of Information Science and Practice) Vice-President P-D-R   Hélène Vaillant Responsible for Documentation Resources EFFIK Group, France Member of the EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries) Co-chair of the Pharmacy, Biology and Medicine sector of the ADBS (French Association Information Professionals) Co-Chair of the Pharmaceutical Industry Group of the ADBS Christiane Wolff  Head of Information Services & Publications, Global Intranet Coordination, Corporate Medical Documentation & Information Dept. Information & Biometry, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Germany Member, AIIP and DGI (German Information Assoc.)  Ford Khorsandian & Trudi Jones  President & Vice-President, Technology & Patent Research International, US Founders, International Patent Information (IPI) Institute and IPI-Award; IPI-ConfEx Organisational Team
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