John Wickenden Information Scientist Eli Lilly John Wickenden is a professional Librarian and has worked at Eli Lilly’s UK Pharmaceutical Discovery site all his working life. As he was a  one-person-librarian for many years, he has had experience of all types of discovery information, and therefore has an advantage of a  broad overview of Pharmaceutical Discovery Information. For the last ten years he has specialized in Biomedical Information and is part of Lilly’s Global  Information and Knowledge group (LINK). In his present role he supports Discovery Scientists by providing Competitive Information. He also supports  Product Safety and other medical departments with their information needs.
Diane Webb President BizInt Solutions, Inc.  Diane Webb is co-founder, President and CEO of BizInt Solutions, Inc.  Diane has 20 years of experience managing the development of  software tools for information analysis. Prior to joining TRW, Inc., Diane managed several US Government projects in which the core  technology used in BizInt Smart Charts was developed. In 1993, she launched the TRW "defense conversion" project which created the initial Smart Charts  concept and software. In 1996, Diane and John Willmore purchased the Smart Charts product and founded BizInt Solutions.  Diane has degrees in the  history of science and physics from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, and is actively involved with the Patent Information Users Group  (PIUG) and the SLA Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Division (SLA) in the US.  She spends much of her time outside work training and competing with  her longhaired dachshunds.
Ivaldi Silvia  Information Manager  Chiesi Farmaceutci Spa  Silvia Ivaldi has a Master degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology. She currently holds the position of Information Manager at  Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa. Her responsibilities include the coordination of R&D library and Scientific Information Services that provides  support to discovery, clinical, regulatory and commercial teams. After a one year experience at University of Parma as Chemist, she joined the Chiesi  Farmaceutici in 1996 as Information Specialist to conduct literature searches. In Chiesi her experience in Information Area grew. From 2005 she was  Information services coordinator, and finally from 2006 Information Manager. 
Francesc Roig  Medical Information Officer Novartis Farmaceutica S.A.  Francesc Roig is a Scientific Information Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in University and Pharmaceutical Industry. He  collaborates as associate professor and researcher in different Spanish universities and he is currently working in Health Outcome Research and Medical  Knowledge unit in Novartis Spain. 
Karen Jendro  Scientific Information Services Roche Diagnostics   Working for Roche since 1986, Karen Jendro started as a laboratory technician in the department of research and development for  diagnostic reagents.  After 10 years Karen changed into the world of information professionals, taking with her the insight into the  researcher’s way to work and think. During the last 15 years Karen provided her scientific staff, the patent department and marketing with appropriate  patent, literature and business information and analyses.  Additional responsibilities lie in the administration of several internal databases (e.g. for  managing the workflow of incoming search requests, dissemination of alerts etc.) 
Denise Carter  Associate Director, Head of Knowledge Analytics Merck Serono 24 years experience in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries as an Information Professional. I worked at ICI Chemicals & Polymers,  Runcorn, UK for 8 years as Librarian.  I joined Merck Serono in Geneva, Switzerland in 1995, and was originally hired to set up a brand new  corporate information unit. This grew from a one-person operation serving the only the corporate office to a five-person team serving a global company  community and won a CEO Award in 2005 for customer service. For the past 4 years I have worked as part of the Global Business Intelligence department,  heading the Knowledge Analytics team. We currently specifically provide competitor news, competitor landscapes and epidemiology data.   
Kate Alzapiedi Business Development Director RightsDirect Kate Alzapiedi is RightsDirect's Business Development Director and responsible for copyright licensing to organizations based in Europe and  Asia. She has extensive business development and management experience from various roles at Elsevier Publishing and Excerpta Medica  Medical Communications. Kate is also a board member of the Lisa Waller Hayes Foundation for pancreatic cancer research. She holds a master’s degree in  communication from Emerson College.  
Andrew White Competitive Intelligence Manager  Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research  I obtained my PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of East Anglia.  I began working for Thomson as a Senior Patent Analyst for 4 years, before joining Novartis in Horsham (UK) in 2004 as an Information Analyst  supporting the Autoimmunity, Transplantation & Inflammation disease area within Research. After 2 years in Horsham, I moved to Basel (Switzerland). My  current role is as a Competitive Intelligence Manager, still supporting the same disease area, as well as Senior Management and Translational Medicine  specialists across NIBR.   Our group has been developing the way we support our Research colleagues in the area of competitor analysis, and we have developed a broad expertise in  secondary competitor intelligence, from novel targets and patent analysis to clinical trial monitoring and higher level strategic support of our early phase  clinical programs. 
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Ines Andres Health Outcomes Research & Medical Knowledge Head  Novartis Farmaceutica S.A.  Ines Andres is Health Outcomes Research & Medical Knowledge Manager in Novartis Spain. She is MD and earned her degree in 1991 at the  Medicine Faculty at Barcelona University and her specialization in Clinical Biochemistry at the Hospital Vall D’Hebron of Barcelona in 1996.  Ines joined Novartis in 1998 as Medical Adviser in Transplantation and in 2003 was appointed Therapeutic Area Head of Transplantation & Infectious  Diseases. In her current position, she manages the Health Outcomes Research Unit since 2007 and also the Medical Knowledge Unit in the Medical  Department since 2011. 
Agnes Díaz Fort Medical Information Officer Novartis Farmaceutica S.A.  Ines Andres is Health Outcomes Research & Medical Knowledge Manager in Novartis Spain. She is MD and earned her degree in 1991 at the  Medicine Faculty at Barcelona University and her specialization in Clinical Biochemistry at the Hospital Vall D’Hebron of Barcelona in 1996.  Ines joined Novartis in 1998 as Medical Adviser in Transplantation and in 2003 was appointed Therapeutic Area Head of Transplantation & Infectious  Diseases. In her current position, she manages the Health Outcomes Research Unit since 2007 and also the Medical Knowledge Unit in the Medical  Department since 2011. 
Peter Derycz President and CEO Reprints Desk, Inc. Mr. Derycz specializes in building and growing new companies. For the past 20 years, he has been actively involved in designing, developing and deploying large library and document management systems that focus on delivering large amounts of information to information users in local and global settings. Since 1987 when he originally founded Infotrieve, he has been recognized as one of the founders of the “pay-as-you-go” approach to acquiring and delivering scientific information. Thousands of end-users around the world currently receive much of their access to published information through systems, platforms software and services that Mr. Derycz has deployed through the various companies he founded. He takes pride in delivering services that prove to be invaluable both to his customers and to the scholarly publishing community. Always on the cutting edge, he has been a senior member and advisor of various private and public companies where he’s held the positions of Chairman, CEO, Director and President. He holds 9 patents in the US, Europe and Australia, received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles, and is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.
Monika Giese Founder and Principal ICOCI  Monika  has worked for more than 25 years in pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, as an analyst and in a number of management roles  at international, both public and private companies, the last being the Head of Global Competitive Intelligence at Novartis  Pharmaceuticals AG.  In 2009 she founded ICOCI GmbH, a business consultantcy specialising in ‚Strategy and Competitive Intelligence‘.  She has rich experience in many areas of decision support functions such as Information and Knowledge Management, Market Research, Business  Analytics, Forecasting and Competitive Intelligence.  In the latter half of her industry career, she has specialized on Strategic Competitive Intelligence , supporting  all areas of  C-Suite decision making.  Her experience includes managing complex global projects and research initiatives as well as being responsible for the development and expansion of  corporate intelligence programs, creating and leading global operations.   Besides her responsibilities for ICOCI, Monika also currently serves on the Board of the Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA) as the Incoming  President. Since her first steps in Competitive Intelligence, Monika has been a member of Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), and actively  supports the organisation with her contributions at both, the US and European Annual Conferences.
The following is a list of the speakers to date. Further speakers will be added in due course.
Gloria Reyes Reyes Consulting After completing her studies at the University of California at Berkeley and at Harvard University, Gloria Reyes, a native Californian,  emigrated to Germany in 1975. She worked at the German branch of auditng firm BDO Binder Dijker, then later at the engineering  consultancy Agiplan Aktiengesellschaft für Industrieplanung in Germany. She became an independent consultant in 1996 after having  gathered experience in various international consultancy firms such as Diebold Management Consultants, Booz Allen and Hamilton, and The Boston  Consulting Group.  Her specialties include Competitive Intelligence and the Investigation of Economic Crime, specialising in Profiling and Interviewing.   Ms. Reyes has called SCIP Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals in Germany into existence and organised the group for 7 years. She is a CFE  Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of IRE Investigative Reporters and Editors. 
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Tessa  Heffernan  Information Consultant, International Customer Service  Dialog Tessa Heffernan has experience on both sides of the fence in the information industry. After working as an Information Professional with companies in the IT, Oil & Gas and Advertising sectors, she joined DataStar, where she was European  Sales Manager, travelling extensively across Europe.   Tessa’s roles  have included new business sales, account management, custom solutions, training and customer services. In both her past and present roles Tessa has experience across all industry sectors, but has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical and biosciences  sector.  
David A. Breiner Senior Knowledge Scientist, Product Discovery Boehringer Ingelheim   David A. Breiner has over 20 years of industry experience in various capacities with information products and services and knowledge  management.  David holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he is also an adjunct  faculty member teaching a graduate course in chemical information.  Currently, David is Senior Knowledge Scientist for Product Discovery at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (Ridgefield, CT).  In his role, David provides  high level information consulting/research services around competitor and company drug products and disease indications to Medical, Marketing, Clinical,  and other groups.  Previously, David was Manager of Knowledge Management for the Specialty Chemicals division of Cytec Industries (Stamford, CT) where  he led the design, implementation, and support of global information, knowledge management, virtual library, and web content initiatives for technical  and business communities.  Prior to that, David held various information scientist positions for Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Wallingford, CT) and Bayer  Pharmaceutical (West Haven, CT), and was a technical sales representative for Chemical Abstracts Service (Columbus, OH).  David is a member of the Fairfield County Chapter of Special Libraries Association (2007 President) and the American Chemical Society.  He was also  profiled in the book Nontraditional Careers for Chemists: New Formulas in Chemistry and has given talks on knowledge management and careers in  chemical information. 
Janet Davies  Director, Medical Information and Medical Affairs Project Management Gilead Janet joined Gilead Sciences in 2008 working as part of the International Medical Affairs organisation. She is responsible for the Medical  Information function across the International region, which responds to requests from healthcare professionals and patients about Gilead’s medicine. She  also has responsibility for projects, processes and systems within Medical Affairs.  Janet trained and qualified as a pharmacist and worked in clinical pharmacy for the UK National Health Service. She joined the pharmaceutical industry in  1986, and has worked in a variety of Medical Information, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Services roles at Glaxo, SmithKline Beecham and Bristol-Myers  Squibb, prior to joining Gilead.  Janet is an active member of the Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association (PIPA) and Drug Information Association (DIA).  Janet was a  past President of PIPA (previously known as AIOPI) and also held a number of roles on the committee.  She is Co-Chair of the DIA Medical Communications  SIAC and chairs an annual Medical Information and Communications conference in Europe. 
Fabienne Evans  Product Solutions Specialist Elsevier Fabienne Evans is Product Solutions Specialist for the Elsevier Pharma-Biotech product portfolio.  
Daan de Jong  Pharma and Biotech Group Elsevier With a background in (online) medical publishing and data management for various Reed Elsevier subsidiaries, Daan is an expert in  developing and managing web based information systems. For Embase he is responsible for managing the platform, the content and any  future product improvements. Daan has a master’s degree in public policy and administration. 
Diogenes Kloosterling Pharma and Biotech Group Elsevier   With more than 17 years experience in the Publishing Industry in different commercial, customer relations, and 3rd party management roles,  Diogenes currently – among other responsibilities - manages all Embase business and channels at Elsevier. He is an expert in solution finding,  business development, identifying customer needs and contributing in developing solutions to answer those needs. Diogenes holds a master in International  Law and a PhD in Law of International Organizations.   
Dr. James Phimister  VP Pharma Marketing Pharma and Biotech Group Elsevier Dr. James Phimister is the Vice President of Marketing for Elsevier’s Life Sciences Group.  James and his team work with Elsevier customers  to understand their needs, inform product development, and support Elsevier customers in helping them achieve their research objectives. Prior to joining Elsevier, James was a consultant at McKinsey and Company.  He was the J. Herbert Hollomon Fellow at the United States National Academy  of Engineering and a fellow at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.     James holds a PhD and Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from  the University of Edinburgh. 
Michael Rai General Manager of Quosa Elsevier Michael Rai is General Manager of Quosa. Quosa is the ONE source for all scientific literature solutions. Prior to this role, he was VP of  Product Development in the PharmaBiotech Group at Elsevier S&T, where he primarily drove the developments of EMBASE, PharmaPendium  and Target Insights. Michael has worked at Elsevier since 1999 – joining as a Product Manager for CrossFire Beilstein and then moving on to running the  Elsevier corporate sales group as a Regional Sales Manager (in 2002). As Elsevier’s customer focused approach evolved he globally managed the sales group  for Life Science content solutions before moving into his Sales Director Corporate Markets EMEA role where he managed the Corporate Sales team from  2006 thru 2009. Michael holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from University Sheffield and a Masters in Marketing from the University of London. 
John Willmore, Product Support Manager and Diane Webb, President BizInt Solutions, Inc.   John Willmore and Diane Webb are the co-founders of BizInt Solutions Inc., which develops and markets the Smart Charts software product line. Prior to  the founding of BizInt Solutions in 1996, they managed the product team at TRW Inc., which created the initial Smart Charts concept and software. They  have over 15 years of experience in processing, analyzing and integrating drug pipeline, patents, and other related information, and spend much of their  time outside work training and competing with their longhaired dachshunds.
Eileen Bernadette Moran Director, Corporate Relations AAAS/Science Eileen Bernadette Moran is Director, Corporate Relations for AAAS/Science. She works directly with Librarians and Information Specialists in  the pharmaceutical and bio-technology corporate market worldwide. For the past 26 years she has worked in journal, professional, STM, college, and  international publishing. Eileen has a broad range of publishing experience in sales, marketing, editorial acquisitions, and business development. She has  held various senior and executive level positions with Pearson, Times Mirror, Harcourt, and Houghton Mifflin prior to joining AAAS/Science. Her publishing  acumen has earned her numerous sales, marketing, and editorial awards throughout her career.
Kiki Forsythe, M.L.S. Senior Publisher Relations Specialist  AAAS/Science Kiki Forsythe is Senior Publisher Relations Specialist for AAAS/Science. She has combined library literacy with scientific, technical, medical  and university press publishing over her 30-year career. Her publishing experience includes marketing and sales management positions with  the University of Hawaii Press, Smithsonian Books, Academic Press/Elsevier, and AAAS. Currently, she covers the global marketplace to promote the  content of the new journals from AAAS/Science: Science Signaling and Science Translational Medicine. Kiki coordinates the special AAAS/Science  workshops, presentations and events at professional library conferences. She also coordinates a yearly program with ALA/ACRL to sponsor participation of  science librarians at the AAAS Annual Meeting.
Chris Shilling Innovation Agent Newhow Knowhow (Formerly with Novartis and Pfizer)  Chris Shilling has 14 years’ experience as an innovation project manager and leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Working as an  independent consultant, Chris helps small and large organisations understand the innovation challenges they face and helps them to plan  and implement innovation projects.   Chris worked recently for Novartis’ Global Marketing division, leaving in May 2011, leading the design and implementation of a pricing and market access  knowledge management framework. Managing a network of practitioners across 60 countries, this project included a major change management and staff  education programme.   Starting his career in the industry with Pfizer Global R&D, Chris was responsible for designing and implementing organisational development and  knowledge management products to drive project team effectiveness. During this time he contributed to 6 drug projects that subsequently became  commercial products. Following this, he became global leader of R&D’s innovation council, and managed the Business Innovation Unit, working with a  network of partners including SEHTA, Cambridge University, King’s College, Imperial College & State University of New York to develop new business  models for drug commercialisation.  On leaving Pfizer, Chris worked as a self-employed project manager, where his clients included Amarin Corporation, Enlight Biotech, Merck Serono,  Medimmune, Noxxon AG and Solace Pharmaceuticals. During this time, Chris was the project manager for Amarin’s successful project developing EPA for  Hypertriglyceridemia, which will file with the FDA in2011. At the same time, Chris was the an innovation and knowledge management consulting partner  for Kinapse Ltd., a specialist life sciences consulting company. Chris is the programme committee chair for the European Industrial Research Management Association, teaches the Knowledge Management module of  Cranfield University’s Quality Management in Scientific R&D course, and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. He qualified as a lawyer from Brunel  University, and lives in Kent, UK. 
Andrew Carver   Senior Product Manager for QUOSA  Andrew Carver is a Senior Product Manager for QUOSA (an Elsevier company). He is a graduate of Cambridge University, England, and  has worked for many years in high tech business development and consultancy. Andrew works directly with QUOSA's academic,  government and commercial customers to help them optimize their research information infrastructure. 
Elwin Gardeur Licensing Manager Springer  Currently, Elwin is Licensing Manager EMEA Pharma, Biotech & Food/Non-Food at Springer Science+Business Media. Elwin’s past experience includes,  Corporate library Sales Benelux, Eastern Europe & Israel/New Business ROW at Springer, Sales Manager Western Europe at and  Account Development Manager at EBSCO Information Services. 
Daniela Ranzani  Client Services Executive  Springer  Daniela Ranzani works as Client Services Account Executive at Adis, which she joined in 2008. She holds a degree in Medical Biotechnology  and her professional experience includes past roles in Regulatory Agencies. In her current position, she works within the Business Intelligence unit and  provides support and training to customers located in Europe
Helen Malone Content Portfolio Manager GlaxoSmithKline   Helen Malone has held a wide variety of information management roles within the publishing and pharmaceutical industry and has expertise  in leading strategic reviews of the published information portfolio, business case development, project and change management and driving  post-implementation reviews and benefits realisation.  Helen’s current role at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) encompasses portfolio planning, financial  management and marketing of the published information portfolio to R&D and beyond.  Helen holds an MSc in Information Science from City University,  London; BSc in Physics from the University of Bristol and has recently completed a professional marketing qualification (Diploma in Digital Marketing)  accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.  Helen is a member of IMPI (UK Information Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry), Pharma  Documentation Ring (PDR) and is on the Pharma-Bio-Med Board of Counsellors.  
Mike Gulker Business Development  TPR International  Mike Gulker works with new business development and client services for TPR International, which specializes in the searching and analysis of  worldwide patent and non-patent literature information in the life science, chemistry, and high-tech engineering sectors. Mike holds a Bachelor’s  degree from Yale University and his professional experience extends 8 years in product development, sales, and management within service-oriented  organizations. Mike works closely with clients to identify searching needs and help find creative solutions for business, and biomedical information. 
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