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Conference Plenary Sessions
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Further professional development and learning opportunities are available through educational workshops. Attendance at these workshops is open to all  registered delegates and is included in the registration fee. Workshops take place on Sunday 30 September 2012.
Enabling Life Science R&D: Elsevier Solutions Spanning Drug Discovery and Development 
Fabienne Evans  Product Solutions Specialist Elsevier  Within the last two decades of drug discovery and development, costs and time to commercialization of new drugs have increased  disproportionately, approaching nearly US$2 billion per successful launch. This changing business environment needs more than ever, a focus on Return-On-Investment and business productivity. In this challenging and competitive  market, access to relevant scientific and medical knowledge at every stage of the drug cycle, plays therefore a key role.  At Elsevier, we facilitate the bio-pharma R&D process by delivering essential information for target finding and validation, molecule design, model  validation, clinical trial, regulatory compliance and post-marketing surveillance- allowing our customers to find the answer they need quickly.  This workshop will highlight the latest developments in the Elsevier’s portfolio. 
Embase Email Alerts; How They Work and How to Use Effectively  
Daan de Jong and Diogenes Kloosterling  Pharma and Biotech Group Elsevier   Around  4,000-5,000 new records are added to Embase every day. Flexible email alert options in Embase allow you to focus on only the records which  matter to you and effectively track drugs, devices or research developments in the scientific literature. In this workshop we will:  a). Show you how the Embase email alert system works and when new records are sent b). Outline some tips and tricks for setting up the most effective email alert search strategies  c). Demonstrate how you may receive email alerts via the Embase API  d). Test drive the new Embase ‘Alerting Center’ together
Creating Accurate and Useful Visualizations of Pipeline and Clinical Trials Information with the BizInt Smart Charts Product Family 
Diane Webb President BizInt Solutions, Inc.   John Willmore  Product Support Manager BizInt Solutions, Inc.   This workshop will demonstrate how to use new features in BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines, BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows, and VantagePoint  - BizInt Smart Charts Edition to create accurate and useful visualizations of multi-database drug pipeline and clinical trials information.    We'll show how you can: create reports combining data from different pipeline or trials database and identify related records across databases, using BizInt Smart Charts  for Drug Pipelines;  clean-up, normalize, and transform data from different database using tools in VantagePoint - BizInt Smart Charts Edition;  summarize data from related records into a single row using BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows.  export reports in HTML, Word, Excel, and Acrobat, with links to backing records and related information; analyze and visualize your normalized and de-duplicated data in VantagePoint - BizInt Smart Charts Edition. 
Translational Medicine Initiatives and Innovative Opportunities for the European Pharmaceutical Industry   Eileen Bernadette Moran Director, Corporate Relations AAAS/Science Kiki Forsythe, M.L.S.  Senior Publisher Relations Specialist  AAAS/Science The AAAS/Science workshop will concentrate on the international translational medicine initiatives forming as a result of public sector and pharmaceutical  industry partnerships. The speakers will provide a brief review of last year’s workshop, which described the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry,  before showcasing the broad-sweeping programs that have recently been initiated to spur innovation. For example, a recent Science and Health Policy  Commentary in the journal Science Translational Medicine presented the fact that infectious diseases continue to pose major public health challenges. As a result, the European Academies Science Advisory Council is setting priorities for European surveillance of the potential threats from these diseases. The  Commentary discuss how translational medicine can bridge these global issues by helping to mobilize resources between academia, industry, health care  services, and policymakers. The speakers will discuss other progressive programs including ADITEC (Advance Immunization Technologies), IMI (Innovative  Medicines Initiative), TransCure (transporter protein research for new medicines), and the USA NCATS (National Center for Advancing Translational  Sciences).
18:00 - 19:30
5-Minute Networking Mixer
Don’t know anyone at the conference? Looking to network? The 5-minute mixer is designed to give you the chance to meet other conference delegates to make one-on-one connections. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity where you get to mix and meet with other professionals in the industry to forward your career or to share ideas and information. You will get to spend a total of 5 minutes with each new person on a rotating basis.
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2012 Programme
SUNDAY 30 Sept. MONDAY 1 Oct. TUESDAY 2 Oct. WEDNESDAY 3 Oct. Educational Workshops (offered free of charge to registered delegates)
15:00 - 15:25
16:00 - 16:35
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16:40 - 17:15
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Conference Welcome Reception in the Exhibition Hall
Usher in the conference in style! Make sure to arrive in time to see old friends and make new connections at the official Welcome Reception on Sunday  night. Meet the exhibitors while you enjoy hors d' oeuvres and beverages.
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